About Us

Our Story

Captix Biomedical Pty Ltd (Captixbio) is a pioneering Australian company developing innovative, implantable, medical technologies to enhance the delivery of cell therapies for therapeutic applications. Compelled to find a cure for his daughter’s Type 1 diabetes, Orthopaedic surgeon and innovator, Dr Michael McAuliffe founded Captixbio in 2018 to develop and realise the IMITA® concept. Michael Chairs Captixbio’s Board and Advisory Panel and provides critical support to the team developing and commercialising the IMITA® device. Captixbio’s primary focus is to transform the lives of Type 1 diabetes patients by delivering a cure without the need for lifelong immuno-suppression.


Captixbio cares deeply about the patients we are seeking to help. We are a “for purpose, for profit” company. Our people are innovative and ethical, committed to delivering the best scientific and clinical outcomes with integrity.


Our Executive team has extensive experience in the development and commercialisation of new medical technologies. The team’s experience and expertise is integral to Captixbio’s scientific advancement as well as its focus on generating clinically and commercially practical solutions that meet the needs and expectations of patients. Management has built collaborations with dedicated teams of multi-disciplinary researchers all focussed on delivering improved clinical outcomes for Type 1 diabetes.

Our Scientific and Clinical Advisory Panel comprises of highly experienced scientists and clinicians, and our operations are supported by leading corporate, financial, legal, and intellectual property experts.