Interview with Professional AFL Player Sam Reid – and his journey with T1D

21 Jul 2022

Sam Reid was in his early 20’s and playing professional AFL Football for the Western Bulldogs when he was diagnosed with T1D.

Despite the diagnosis, and with careful management, he continued his career as an elite athlete with great success, but it wasn’t without stress.

He is one of many individuals globally that live with the impacts of T1D and is passionate about supporting research that seeks to find the best possible biotech solutions to help individuals manage T1D during their day to day.

Recently Duncan Thomson, CEO of Capitixbio, was able to speak with Sam.

In this interview he talks candidly about the 24/7 reality of living with T1D, the impacts it has had and continues to have on his every moment, how he managed it during his playing career and what a cure would mean to him.